Dreaming of black man, woman and child coming into your house

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asalaamu alaikum respected mufti

i had a dream imediately after fajar as i went to bed.i dreamt of a very tall black man who stood at my door,he was so tall that his head reached the top of the door.
he greeted me with salaams and i was shocked but answerd him.i then saw he had a black lady and a child about 3-4yrs with him.i asked him to wait my husband would
come soon.he entered the house by opening the gate with a screw driver and showed me the gate lock. i got scared and went out of the house so he followed me
,he then asked me who was inside and i lied that my sister was asleep.he and this lady went inside the house to look thats when i realized something was wrong and began to run to my 3 door neighbours house screamimg her name.this child caught me so strong and i ran with this child,this man began running behind me.i ran so fast that i could not breath.i reached my neighbours house and went inside and closed the door.i immediately broke my dream and when i awoke i could not breath.

what can this mean.
jazaak allah

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Asked on October 18, 2009 12:00 am
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Read all you can for protection against 'black magic'.
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Answered on October 18, 2009 12:00 am