Dreaming of black man hitting and stabbing a slightly elderly man

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Salaam Mufti
. Please help with an interpretation.
I dreamt that I was with my brother in a mall. We were looking for something together. I’m not sure what. We then came across a group of people, they were all standing and watching a black man hitting and stabbing a slightly elderly man. No one was helping him, only watching. My brother was getting very angry at this and wanted to go and hit this black man but I was holding back and stopping him and telling not to because this man has a knife. After that the security guard came and started attacking this black man but he also failed.
When this was over this black man joined his some other people. The reason this black man was attacking this elderly is that the elderly man tried stopping this black man from making passes at a women. I know this because someone there told me and also I could see the reason playing on a huge screen in the mall, like a movie.
Anyway, after that the black man, after defeating the elderly man and the security guard, joined a few other people. All black men. They looked to be entertainers. Everyone around that was watching went about their business like nothing happened. These black man started dancing in a circle and playing instruments for the crowds again just like what we see these days in the malls. My brother said lets join them and then attack this black man. He was still very angry and wanted to do justice to him. So we joined them and we danced like were enjoying it and we were part of them. This seemed more like a ritual of theirs, like some religious dance they were doing. This was part of our plan and I was helping my brother. I then seen the instrument used by the black man to stab the elderly man. I asked to see it and he showed it to me. I looked at it and it looked like a musical instrument. Long, thin, silver with blue almost like a flute but with things sticking out of it. I took and broke it. Thats when my brother took his chance and started beating this guy. This guy was so strong and it didnt seem like he was getting hurt. My brother is a big guy who gyms a lot so I was surprised. I turned to get something and when I looked back my brother was gone. I think he defeated my brother. Now this guy was trying to run away from me as I was going to avenge my brother. I know in the dream he threw my brothers body in a huge white trailer. The trailer full of his entertaining instruments. I ran to my brothers car to conceal the tow bar that he has so that this guy cant take the trailer with my brothers body in it. I picked up my car with my hands and put it over the tow bar so that this guy cant see it. I then proceeded back in to find this guy. While I was going in I seen this old man leaving the parking lot with a huge black and white dog. This dog was the size of a horse. With long bent legs and big feet. Looks almost like the dog was wearing human shoes. The dog also looked very old. They were walking on my left. I then looked to my right and seen and old white couple sitting in like a garden setting under a shed. They were judging a banana pudding competition. They were commenting on the different banana puddings. They were sitting and eating at a table. The pudding was in various different shapes and designs. I cant remember all the designs. One was shaped in a bunch of bananas. One was like a monkey on a tree reaching for a banana. Not sure how accurate this is though. I cant remember further than this. Thats when I woke up covered in perspiration.

I have been having alot of dreams lately Mufti. I sent them to you but didnt get a response.I tried a few times.Please assist with this one.


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Asked on October 15, 2009 12:00 am
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Those of your enemies who are involved in sin will soon become your friends. You get ready to make them good.
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Answered on October 15, 2009 12:00 am