Dreaming of asking for a divorce

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Asalaamu alaikum

A guy came to see me on Sunday and on Monday morning after Fajr I had a dream. I hadn’t made istikhaara or anything yet because it was too early. He hadn’t even yet proposed. I dreamed that we were walking along my Auntys street but in my mind it was a different country though I recognised it. I asked the guy that came to see me for a divorce while we were walking because I was fighting with him. He laughed and refused to give it to me. The guy in the dream and the guy in reality were two different people, the guy in reality wears kurta and has a beard whereas the other had neither. I think maybe it’s because I cannot remember the face of the guy that came to see me. I was feeling hot and sick while we were walking because the sun was hot and I was pregnant (I think that was what was making me feel sick) but I didn’t know it in my dream.
The next thing I remember is that we were by my Auntys house and their maid (who passed away) put me in the shower so that I could cool down. After a while I became aware that my Aunty and some other people were watching me shower and I realised that I was naked so I think I made myself wear clothes because when I looked down at myself again, I had clothes that covered me enough but by then they had turned away.

After he proposed I read istikhaara salah and I had a dream that my mother or somebody told me to go see red tomatoes or something and I think the guy that came to see me was by it. I woke abruptly from this dream and can’t remember much.

These dreams seemed long but were very short.

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Asked on June 17, 2014 4:38 pm
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