Dreaming of angel of death; uncle slaughtering you

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Assala mu alaikum. Mufti Saap

I competely understand that you are inundated with questions from muslims, and that is why I am patient for the response. I also hear you on Radio Al Ansaar, and understand your position.

Mufti Saap I requested, an interpretation on a dream that I had, put on this website on the 28th of August 2009. Today is 11 September 2009. I take your advise very seriously Mufti Saap, if however you cannot interpret because of time constraints, I completely understand.

I will appreciate it sincerely if you could have a look at the original question that I sent to you on the 28th, as the dream description is much more accurate so it will be easier for you to advise me. My recollection is not as accurate today.

Nevertheless, here is a slight summary for reference to that original question. The first dream I had was about 8 weeks back. It concerned The Angel of Death – looked very pale- i was standing next to someone, told me and him, one of us were next.

Second dream about a month back- uncle was slaugthering me- I recited Kalima- woke up feeling a lump in my throat.

(Both of these happened after Fajr, I did not pray Fajr on those two occasions but I do read my salaah regularly. I am 19 and a male, concerned with my iman, I read sallah, Quran and give charity, all praise be to Allah!) (please look at original question).

Shukran. May Allah reward you.
Maaf for the inconveniance I have caused Mufti Saap.

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Asked on October 7, 2009 12:00 am
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Answered on October 7, 2009 12:00 am