Dreaming of an injury happening in your shop,a snake and seeing a woman half naked

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Asalaamualaikum mufti could you interpertate a dream for me.
I was in my shop and there are women all around all beautiful and all in scarf inside and outside my store.I send one to sit on a chair inside instead of on the dirty floor but she refuses bashfully. An Ethiopian woman gets hurt in the store and they call for medical assisstance. a m,an comes to help. then find myself standing on a high ledge as my shop has a slope. as i look to the back of the shop i see a girl dressing, fitting on a wedding gown. she gets the top on but I can see her entire body from waist down as she stands in only an underpants.
I then turned away by my wife who comes to kiss me. I feel happy.
I then go to check on the injured lady of earlier. a snake appears and slithers towards us and keeps getting bigger as it does. she tramps it but it keeps coming and keeps getting bigger till it leave the shop.
Sorry for the crued content but I know noone else who can translate as well as you do.

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Asked on September 8, 2014 3:29 pm
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The bazaar is the worst place. Evil awaits there. Avoid. Trouble awaits there. Although you will be saved, places where the intermingling of genders are dangerous.

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Answered on September 8, 2014 3:29 pm