Dreaming of an earthquake and a horse with wings

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Assalamualeikum Respected Mufti Saab,
For the past two nights I have had unusual dreams.

1) The first night my dream was as follows: I’m driving and come to a nearby Masjid. I enter and meet some of my relatives and then start praying 2 rakaats nafl. Suddenely I feel the earth beneath me shaking and I assume its only a thought. But then in seconds it is actually moving in big waves and everyone is shouting. It lasts for a few seconds and everyone is running around in confusion. I head for safety and see a wall falling towards me but I manage to escape. After seconds as everything cools down I wonder about my family at home and what condition they must be in. As I’m going out a thought comes in my mind that if the infrastructure, the roads and buildings have been destroyed how will I even know the way to home. At this moment I was woken up for Fajr.

2) The second night’s dream was: I see a horse with wings. An Arab Jamaat saathi is sitting on it and it starts flying. We wait for him to return and wonder as to what might have happened. He returns safely, but is very late,with the flying horse. The next I see is a friend of mine is really upset with me and its to do with flying horse.

Jazak Allah Khairan

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Asked on October 13, 2014 4:57 pm
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1) In many parts of the world Tsunamis are to happen.

2) Means attainment of dignity and honor. Obviously bringing along with it jealousy.

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Answered on October 13, 2014 4:57 pm