Dreaming of a pious moulana in the community

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Assalamu-Alaykum Mufti ,

1)I had a dream today about a very pious Moulana in our community(i dream quite often about him) today i was waiting at his house for him , i had to go give him a parcel , someone opens the door for me but i wait outside and after few minutes Moulana walks into his yard from the Masjid , rushing as if he got late somewhere and then he took me inside and we were smiling and happy to see each other and before we started attending to the work we had he was joking with me or telling me something but in Urdu (in the dream it felt as if Moulana thought i could speak Urdu but in real life even though Moulana is Urdu speaking , we normally communicate in English) but anyway in the dream i was trying to understand what Moulana is saying and at same time thinking if i must tell him i dont speak Urdu but i wasnt doing either of the two .. does this dream have any meaning ?
I am very fond of this Moulana and Alhamdulilah he is very close with the family and very respected .. i see him quite regularly in my dreams , giving me advice or just enjoying his company Alhamdulilah .. please is there a message to this dream ?

Maybe i should relate few of the other dreams ..

One day i dreamt this Moulana was in his office (in a high place) and the principal of a Darul Uloom where Moulana teaches .. was walking with a very pious saint .. taking the saint to see Moulana .. i remember in the dream they had to go up to see Moulana and i was trying to find a way to get in Moulana’s office before them so i could meet the saint also and Alhamdulilah when they reached Moulana’s office i was sitting there quietly doing my work Moulana had given me

Another time i dreamt i saw Moulana reading Maghrib Namaaz in the Masjid and then rushing out after Fardh as he had to go somewhere and later he returned to the Masjid to complete his sunat Namaaz

there are many other dreams which i cant recall clearly because i dream so often about him .. in reality whenever i am in his company i am at ease and feel content and peaceful Alhamdulilah !

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Asked on October 18, 2009 12:00 am
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Shows Moulana is good person. Maintain contact with him.
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Answered on October 18, 2009 12:00 am