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I had two dreams in Ramadaan

Dream # 1
-1st Saturday of Ramadhaan – after Fajr salaah
. There was a slightly chubby white man with a cap on that was behind the glass of our jacuzzi room. He was looking at the glass and he phoned a goldfish to tell it that he was breaking up with it for something better. (We do not have any pet fish at home). Thereafter a dragon fly flew up then a a big fish flew up after that. He promptly broke up with the dragon fly for the big fish. Immediately after a helicopter flew after the big fish. The man left the big fish for the helicopter and was very confused. The dream ended.

Dream # 2
. Last Saturday of Ramadhaan – between 1am and 2am
I wanted to place the goldfish into a big tank. However, a stranger placed them into a smaller tank. The goldfish fell out due to lack of space. I panicked and knew that I would have to work quickly in order to save the goldfish. I arrived with the water only to see all the goldfish in a blue envelope. A few goldfish had passed away. Only two goldfish were remaining. The second one in line was smaller in comparison to the one in the front who was a bigger goldfish. The goldfish were about to pass away soon. The smaller one looked at me meekly with its blue eyes with not much emotion. However, the big goldfish that was at the front looked at me with big buldging eyes and looked at me and without moving gave me a message loud and clear that I had not saved it. When I awoke I was very frightened.

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Asked on October 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Someone is trying to steal your assets but will be saved.
2) Protect your wealth from females.
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Answered on October 18, 2009 12:00 am