Dreaming of a lion and dajjaal

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as salaam mu alai kum.

I do not know if mufti saab is doing interpretation.
Last night (19-06-2013) I had dream which did not disturb but was strange.
The dream happened just before fajr after which I woke up and I prayed fajr

the dream was as follows:-
I was with four friends from my childhood days. We were back at my old school. we were socilazing when we seen a lion. If I remember the lion was you but with a full mane, a light greyish white in colour. Initially we were afraid but afterwards we were palying with the lion and the lion itself became obdient. After a while, my friends and I had to leave the school premises. The lion followed us. We had to trick the lion to stay behind and locked the lion behind a fence.(mufitsaab this is where it becomes strange) after locking the lion up, we were confronted by people about 10 maybe less, We identified the people as agents of dajjal. The leader who I called dajjal in my dream threw a chain towards us. I step up and caught the chain with my right hand not knowing that every link had sharp edges. I become involved in a tug of war by holding onto this chain. The chain itself did not cut may hand. As I tired to let go one off the links got hooked into my wrist band of my watch. I started to bleed abit. I also noticed the my friends that were with me had been captured. After struggling to dislodge the chain I mamaged to run and hide behind some bushes. I realised the only way to do anything was to release the lion. I somehow cant remember how I managed this to open the gate that kept the lion at bay.
Theeafter I cant remember anymore as I was awoken for fajr.

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Asked on July 24, 2013 10:45 pm
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Do not get caught in the cross fire of sorting our fights of other people. Their differences which you will try to resolve will put you into difficulty. Abstain.

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Answered on July 24, 2013 10:45 pm