Dreaming of a fully ripe mango

Assalam o alaikum,

Respected Mufti -e-karam, Sir I need to know the interpretation of a dream I saw in the morning probably after the Fajir prayer. I saw that my mother I and were walking through the lane to reach our house which is in the courtyard. There is a Mango tree on the other side of the wall of the lane. There is a place to have a bath after the lane finishes and the courtyard starts and our neighbour a boy was having a bath there. Just as we came to the end of the lane where the boy was having a bath a mango full ripe and yellow fell and I hurriedly picked it up and showed it to mom. It was fully ripe and got burst a little when it fell. What does this indicate. I am grateful for all the answers you are giving and previously gave me.

Jazzak Allah!

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