Dreaming of a dog in restaurant;music in masjid

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Assalamalaikhom Mufti Saheb,
i haven’t been feeling well lately, and a few nights ago i had 2 strange dreams, viz.;

My family and I were dining in a restuarant very late at night, it was isolated and we were the only patrons. I then had to go to the car for something, the car was parked a distance away, I ran to the car (company car) and came back to the restuarant, however a strong brown dog came back with me, it didn’t seem like it wanted to harm me. I came back into the restuarant with the dog at my side, the restuarant was now full with people and i asked the dog to wait for me and it climbed onto a chair and made itself comfortable and this dream ended.

2. the second dream was that i was entering a masjid and it was jumma, I had to enter the first floor, as i proceeded to the first floor there seemed to be an old man with white hair and he did look a bit dishevelled. I was concerned that there might not be a wudhu khana on that level. However there was one, but as i was making my way to it, i heard what sounded like a nasheed with the sound of drums. I thought to myself is it permissable to play this in the masjid.
I thereafter attemped to make wudhu, but was having difficulty as the seat was a round pipe and I couldn’t balance myself on it. My dream ended.
I really appreciate your advise regarding the above dreams, May Allah bless you.

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Asked on February 2, 2009 12:00 am
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You will be aided by someone to attain your goal.
20 Indicating the sad state of the Ummat. Un-Isalaamic activities are taking place even in Masjids

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Answered on February 2, 2009 12:00 am