Dreaming of a beautiful girl;killing a snake

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Salaam alaykum mufti Saab

I had a dream many years ago but the dream has stuck with me till today. I dreamt there was a jalsa/function of some sort and I was alone with this girl in 1 of the class rooms of the Madressa of our town. She was the most beautiful, gorgeous girl I have ever set my eyes upon. Her hair was long, she was dressed in green, fair skin and great personality. She kissed me on the cheek or forehead,I cannot fully recall. This dream occurred to me back in 2003 (school days)-not sure if I was baaligh or not- but because of such beauty, I haven’t been able to forget her. I sometimes think of her in Salaah or while I’m doing work etc. I would like to know what this means to me and if there is a Dua I can read to make a woman of such characteristics my wife as I plan on getting married in the next few years.

Another dream I’ve had about a year or 2 ago is one where a 1st cousin from my mom’s side and I killed a snake at my father’s parents house.
would like to know the meaning of this as well.

Shukran jaza I khair for your response and make Dua for my success in love,marriage and future.

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Asked on June 2, 2013 3:29 pm
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Be careful beauty fades whilst character improves. Make Duaa for pious wife not beauty. Do not be deceived by the world.
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Answered on June 2, 2013 3:29 pm