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I hope this email finds you in good health,

I had a dream a few weeks back, the details are a bit hazy, but i remember the main things, i would appreciate it if you could assist me;

I was travelling with someone by car in the countryside, when we suddenly stopped and to our left there was an area populated by trees and vegetation. it was though this was our destination, we got off and went into an extremely dark house, and at this point we were looking for an evil man who mistreats young boys, we were met by a man who appeared to be assisting us in the matter. if i recall correctly i think ther was a young boy present aswell, and as soon as the man left we realized that he was the perpetrator we were searching for. after going further into the house into another room i had a conflict with my father ( the man turned into him) who shot me in the left foot with a revolver whilst being supported by an unknown woman in the background, i also had a revover and i had two bullets and i shot him once, but this had no effect . At some point during the dream i recall that the young boy was my small brother who appeared to be dazed, drugged, sick or semi conscious and we were trying to wake him up or revive him.

May Allah give you Khair, Jazakallah

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Asked on May 31, 2009 12:00 am
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Avoid seeing films.

Protect your small brother, at all times. Especially in public places. Ask him not to be friendly with all and sundry.

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Answered on May 31, 2009 12:00 am