Dream on robery

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salaams to you muftie sab.

I had a strange dream and I’m curious as to what the meaning would be as it is bothering me alot.

I dreamt that there was a bank robbery and I had 4million$ with me in cash,and I gave my brother 1 million and my mother another million and kept the rest with me, but I started ducking and diving because I didnt want to get caught,but I put the money in a normal shopping plastic bag and hid it in the grocery cupboard,and you could see through the plastic bag that there was money in it,the rest is a bit faint because as I tried so hard to remember the dream but I just cant,

and the other dream was that I was part of a gang and one of the gang members got killed so as the rest of the members were burying him,me and another member were preparing for a revenge attack and we were gathering our arsenal of weapons and we really had some serious weapons,there after a shootout ensued and I got shot a few times but didnt die the other members were all present as we faught,I’m sorry I cannot remember the rest of the dream, but I was scared when I woke up.

can you please tell me what this means

jazakallah for your kind assistance


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Asked on April 19, 2009 12:00 am
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If you not watching too many films then beware of recieving easily 'haraam' money and in the process someone is going to get hurt.

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Answered on April 19, 2009 12:00 am