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as-salaam mufti.

i hope you can help interpret a dream i have had..

in this dream i am working for the parents of a girl i am interested in marrying…but the parents are against this…that what the girl say…but anyhow back to the dream..
i see myself entering the parents property early so as to catch a glimpse of the girl..as i enter the property..i over hear something the parents are speaking..it gives me the impression the the only way i wud be able to get the girl is if i shave of the beard…because i love this girl..i go back to a friends house…and start to shave..
i start on the left…n think i have shaven the entire left hand side off..but when i look again in the mirror..its only the ‘beard’ line on the cheek is low…i than decide to equalize the right hand side…but the beard refuses to cut….frustrated by this..i try to shave the neck part of the beard..but it does not cut at all….

after all of this i hear a voice calling out..its the girl voice which tell me not to shave at all…which i than do not do…

i wake up happy and content…

in the dream my beard is long..but in reality my beard is short..this dream happened immediately after fajr..say about 30min after..about three weeks ago…

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Asked on April 8, 2009 12:00 am
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Adhere to the Sunnat, do not follow your heart otherwise you will loose dignity and honour. Be careful.

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Answered on April 8, 2009 12:00 am