Dream of Coming Down From Building And Black Cat

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I had a dream where i get to the top of a building which is still under construction mostly done and i want to go down and the lift stops working, i then am holding onto the structure of the lift and dangling down then 2 guys come to the top as well and i ask them about the lift we all know its not working and then i think how am i going to get down, i then decide to jump i do it quickly and here is a pole on my way i holding that and I’m sideways going down steadily and i reach the ground safely.
i then see another clip where I’m living in someone else’s property and I’m extra and person but theres space but the landlords have not been told about me and then all of a sudden i see i left my work place and its my last day so a couple of girls I’m friends with say we will go out i say ok i got to get ready and i lift my top and look at my bare chest in the mirror my sister comes to the front door of the room which i locked so she tries to come via the other entrance i quickly cover myself.
then next scene i see is we all my sis and a couple of other work girls my bro etc are sitting on the floor chilling and my sister has a black cat with her which is hiding we try to all coax it out it doesn’t come out until we make a specific noise it then comes out and quietly goes and sits on someones chest not sure my bro or sis or someone else. i don’t feel comfortable with the cat esp that its aways hiding away like its scared or lazy or something. i feel uneasy thinking it will pounce on someone. what does this mean please?

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Asked on September 6, 2015 9:06 am
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Take care. A thief will try to disturb your dignity and honour.

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Answered on September 17, 2015 4:44 pm