Dreaming of Being Killed by Brother


I had a dream where I am in a basement room in a house and I get out the prayer mat I think I do my wudhu then I begin to pray and my older brother comes down and sees me and goes back up and then he has an idea and then comes and tortures and murders me and then goes upstairs everyone is looking for me like my dad. And my dad reads a paper or something and he has an idea my brother murdered me and then he stays quiet coz he thinks he doesn’t want to loose 2 kids else my brother will go to jail. He then stays quiet. Then My sister finds out she tries to get my brother to confess and my brother doesn’t confess. And then she sees me alive and is happy but trying to get my brother to confess. And then my brother doesn’t confess but God has saved me and I am alive. As my sister is trying to understand and get my brother to confess. Please tell me why this means?

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