Do parents have rights over their daughters once they are married?

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Mufti saab , please can you urgently assist me with a few questions about my daughter and son in law.
My daughter is married for 1year now ,and my son inlaw came to me stating that he wants to lay down some rules with me as he feels we phone my daughter too often .
Is it permisable for a husband to enforce such a rule that we cannot call my daughter at her home place nor her cell phone , nor can she call us , besides from her workplace, where my daughter can call us .He says only in absolute emergencys we can call her?
Does the parents have any rights over their daughter once she is married?my son in law claims that the parents have no right over their daughter once she is married, the husband has all the right ,as parents rights are terminated?
Can the parents guide their daughter once she is married about doing certain things , example if my daughter does not wear a scarf , can i guide her even though her husband objects to wearing scarf?.
Also ,What is the Islamic law about daughters visiting their parents, and staying at their parents place after she is married.
Your help in answering the above would be appreciated

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Asked on April 22, 2010 12:00 am
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We do not encourage women working. Too much of phoning causes problems.
Parent's rights are not totally terminated.
However allow son-in-law and daughter to develop their lived Islaamically.
Try not to interfere - supervise wisely.
You should encourage your daughter in Deeni matters. She should be allowed to visit or phone once a week.

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Answered on April 22, 2010 12:00 am