Discharge when seeing pictures of men or women

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Assalam u alaikum. I just want to ask the question on behalf of my one friend . She is married & also working in a office. She has a problem of purity. When she sees any photos of men & women in newspapers, TV,or any other place or any sex scene she thinks something is coming out of her vagina may be Mani, urine, or something else. When her husband touches her in the day or in the night she also thinks like that . I don’t know it is her doubt or it is right. She will take the gusal or change her clothes thinking that she becomes impure. because of all these thinking she will be going in depression one day. Because she is married & if her husband touches her it does not mean you have to take the gusal. I have taken many steps to understand her,she is not right but she is giving more importance to the purity. So you just tell me “all these things are right or her doubt only” & now what I will try to understand her.


Her Wudhu breaks. The area where the fluid touched the clothing must be made ‘paak’ – pure. Avoid what causes the discharge.
I’m not satisfied with your answer so please tell me in detail what do you want to say exactly.

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Asked on June 7, 2013 12:56 pm
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Doubt does not break Wudhu.
Until actual fluid is not definitely felt then no Wudhu has broken, no cloth has to be washed. Laws are not based on doubt.
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Answered on June 7, 2013 12:56 pm