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When the time for the prospective Hajj to depart for Makkah and Medinah is drawing nearer. I have concern and utterly worried over the situations which I’m going to explain. What has Transpired We have found that in our country including Malaysian Markaz in Kuala Lumpur the emphasis given by even the few elders/syura to the effort of Dawah were rather more than the actual ibadat of Hajj. Sometimes it appears as though the object of performing hajj is solely for the purpose of doing the work of dawah . The actual ibadat or amaals of Hajj is not adequately discussed and preferred – appears as given the secondary importance. They keep on stressing that the best Hajj is the Hajj of Sayyidul Anbiya’ Rasulullah SAW ( of course our understanding is also this ). Thus the focus should abviously be on the dawah . It is feared that
the listeners returned with only the fikr of Dawah ( how best they can
perform the effort of Din In makkah and Medinah ) and not paying appropriate and enough attention to the sunnat, wisdom, rohaniyyat and maqsud of Hajj. Even the akhlaq or the manner that we should behave ourselves has not
given due regards and importance. Meaning as long as they can make dawah work properly or they can give priority to dawah work then they should not worry – perhaps even if they do not really observe the requirements and masael of Hajj. Some responsible brothers even go to extent quoting that Hajj Maqbool is only when we can fulfill the work of dawah in actual sense of the effort. Meaning how much we can fulfill the mission of Rasulullah SAW . According to some of them this is in fact the maqsood of Hajj. But my understanding is that Hajj Maqbool or Mabrur is when as much sins are avoided and adequate/strict observation of etiquettes,adab, sunnat and spirit of
Hajj. To me this is contradictory to the actual meaning of Hajj Maqbool . To me it has not really related or associated with the effort of Deen. Meaning
if effort of Deen are observed properly then it will surely add to the beauty and maqbooliyat of Hajj. Some brothers also explained that previously during Hajj season some Pakistani elders – in Makkah and Medinah used to give stress on dawah work. We have not heard our elders in Nizamuddin gave this kind of explanation. What we have heard is that they laid great stress on the actual performance of Hajj and at the same time giving exhortation for the dawah work. What we have Understood To the best of our knowledge it is compulsory to study and learn the
masael of Hajj adequately.especially from eminent ulemas who have performed the Hajj themselves. Meaning each components – Ihraam, Tawaaf, Istilaam,
Sa’e, Talbiyah, Halq & Qasr etc – even Drinking of Zam Zam has to be learnt giving due regards to their sunnah and masnoon elements. What more during the actual 5 days of Hajj – adequate understanding of sunnats, masnoon and masaels ( according to ones mathhab ) are necessary. Here additional focus on
rules and masael should be exercised. As far as work of Dawah is concerned of course we need to pay appropriate attention and give due regards but not to the extent that it jeopardie the actual requirements of Hajj, Umrah and Ziyayarat. Meaning fulfill the requrrements of Hajj Umrah and Ziyarat to the fullest and in between the time endevour to do the work of dawah to the best that you can. For example in Mina where the only prescribed amal is only stoning the jaamrat then dawah work can be performed at appropritae times. Conclusion Is the emphasis should be on Work of Dawah or Detailed requireemnts ( Sunnat, Spirit, Adab and Masaels ) of Hajj ?

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Asked on April 28, 2008 12:00 am
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We appreciate your concern. A person proceeding for Hajj must learn to the best of ones ability of all the requirements to enable him to perform a proper, valid, sensible Hajj. This has to be top priority. The concept that a Maqbool Hajj is only when Dawat is done is not correct, this is extremism. Learn, study, practise and teach even a law of Hajj is Dawat. So our advice will be to learn so much about how to perform a simple valid Hajj without any difficulties and complications, then teach this to those with whom you are travelling you will win their hearts, then it will be easy to talk about Dawat. Aid, help and be supportive to your travelling companions to such an extent that they begin to listen to you, then present Dawat to them, see the results.
Yes, in your 'free' time in Madinah, Makkah, Mina be cheerful and encourage towards Dawat. Do not become one when your companions see you, they would like to run far way from you. Do not expect immediate revolutionary changes from your invitation.
Concerning whether Hajj is Maqbool or not depends on the conditions of the Hajjee after Hajj. Whether one reforms or not, does one become regular in Salaat performance or not, does one change ones focus from hankering after the world or one now focuses on the Aakhiraat, thus to stipulate Dawat as pre-condition for a Maqbool Hajj is not in line with sensible reasoning.
Make Du'aa, exercise sabr, Allaah will help.
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Answered on April 28, 2008 12:00 am