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asalaamwalaykum…i have a question to ask you about whether or not i can cut the hair in between my eyebrows also a unibrow. you see i am a 16 years old male and i swear to allah that i have been raised by my father in the best way possible. i do not look at girls, i keep a low gaze, i do not talk to girls only if needed be, i pray , i do not hang around bad kids, inshallah i will be going to buffalo an islamic school so that i may memorize the quran, and in all ways am a good muslim and allah knows best. but what happend was at the age of 14 i started to get a unibrow and at first it did not bother me but later i felt embarrased by it. Kids would make fun of me and it would break my self confidence. at 15 i did not touch any part of my eyebrow except the middle hair in between and i cut it with scissors. now is that allowed because now i am 16 going on 17 and my father just found out that i cut it and he wants me to grow it back and said that as long as i am living with him he does not want me to touch it unless i can find a scholar that says it its fine. Can you please give me references from the quran and hadiths where it says that it is permissable to do such a thing. at the age of 15 i did read that the hair inbetween the eyebrows does not count as your eyebrow so you can cut it. belive me even now i have not touched a single hair besides that which was in the middle.i personally do not like men’s eyebrows to be cut becuz it looks girly and it bothers me. if you could please give me many sources. jazakallah

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Books which I refer to are either written by me or in most cases translated works of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jammaat. My Shaikh was Hadhrat Mufti Mehmood-ul-
Hassan gungohi (ar) and amongst my special teachers was Hadhrat Allamah Saeed Paalanpuri - current Sheikul-al-Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband.
Are you satisfied with that. If you require any other info do not hesitate to ask.
If you find any ruling of ours not correct in your view. Kindly do inform us. Please do check my reply.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am