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AssalamuAlaikum Respected Mufti.
1) could mufti please tell me the days on which cupping should be done and the days on which cupping should not be done?
2) i have heard one should not do cupping on a wednesday. The islamic day starts at magrib so wednesday night is really thursday, therefore can cupping be done on a wednesday night? Is this correct? Jazakallahu Khair

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Asked on June 24, 2014 9:08 pm
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The underlying information will serve as good guidelines on cupping (Hijmah):-
1) Should be done by an 'expert' in the field;
2) Strongly recommended but not Sunnat as per Fiqh (jurisprudence);
3) Ibn Sina states that it is not preferred in the beginning or end of the month. Preferred middle of the month when substances accumulate and become agitated;
4) It is permissible to pay the 'cuppist';
5) 17th/19th/21st of the month are best for cure from every illness;
6) Sound knowledge of it is methods and principles are needed;
7) Otherwise no benefit but long term harm for patients health;
8) Keep away from Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
9) Good on Monday and Tuesday has the blessing of Allaah;
10) Permissible at night;
11) In hot weather cupping is good;
12) Cupping best whilst stomach is empty;
13) Person should have enough strength for the procedure;
14) Cupping is recommended early in the morning before 10am;
The above information should resolve many un-answered questions: And Allaah Knows Best
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Answered on June 24, 2014 9:08 pm