Constitution of talaaq

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ASA Mufti Saab. When I said word talaq again few times without any thought of my wife and after saying talaq there was no thought of my wife I think then maybe a sec or mili sec later I said first two letter’s of wife name in kinda like heavy breathing “Kha ko” (in my head and though sounded like to my wife) then a sec later I said “nai” (not) I checked with other Muftis also with Mufti Nawal ur Rahman Sahab and others they said nothing has happend. This been happening to me with the force of my waswassa. I have been married for more than a year and living alone and dealing with waswassa problem for 10 months. Due to the force of my waswassa it came out of my mouth. There has been no fight between my wife I love her very much and we talk everyday, however no one knows about the sickness am dealing with in my family. Please confirm if this still consistitue talaq? I am very worried.

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  1. There is no Talaaq. letting doubt ruin your life immediately. Adopt the company of a pious Aalim.Recite the last Quls and Surah Kahf daily.