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Slmz Mufti Saab
I am a student currently in my final year of a Bcom degree. My studies are very important to me as it will allow me to get a job and hence earn money. Thereafter I intend to get married. I have a few problems relating to my studies and i seek advice regarding it.
1. I struggle to concentrate and be focused regularly with my studies.
2. I procrastinate with my studying and feel so much pressure near exam time.
3. I don’t always have believe in myself that I can finish my degree.
br>Can Mufti Saab please give me advise regarding the above to help me?
Jazakalaah for Mufti’s help, may Allah bless Mufti I.A

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Asked on July 10, 2009 12:00 am
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Be positive. Be steadfast in Salaat. Develop timetable for studies.
Read Durood a lot.
Be projective. Do not waste time in non-beneficial things. Avoid negative friends. Read Durood at time of exams.
Become organised. Avoid stupid people's company.

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Answered on July 10, 2009 12:00 am