communicating with the opposite gender via electronic devices

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Please advise as to the following matter:
A Muslim girl who I am allowed to marry in Islam has recently begun communicating with me via electronical mediums.
Our conversations are regulated and whenever one of us says something doubtful or lustful the other admonishes the one that said the improper statement.
I have found that my character and imaan has increased since I began talking to her.
However sometimes lustful thoughts do enter my mind but alhamduliah I have manged to banish such thoughts with the istiadha and so far I have mananged to control myself.
This girl is in violation with some of the laws of Allah in the field of how women should conduct themselves,in my opinion.
Her family is aligned with the Murabitun sufi movement as a result I have found that while she does have good manners and character,reads five times Salah she does have a liberal approach to some of the Islamic rulings(example :niqab and hijab laws).
I have some influence over her and I feel that I can be a means of bringing her closer to Allah.
I am aware that I might become corrupted because of her.
As a result of our communications we have developed feelings of a caring nature for one another.
She says we should keep in contact and help one another with advice and if we later on wish to get married it will be better because we will know each other and if not then we must be happy with Allahs decree.
Both of us are currently studying and I will complete my studies in about three years time.
Due to the above statements I am unsure whether to keep contact with her or cease contact.
I am also unsure as to how I should deal with her.
Advice will be highly appreciated.
May Allah guide us all
Jazakallahu khair

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm
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This relationship is un-Islaamic , Terminate. This so called benefit is Satanic driven and superficially you are leading yourself into sin, dis-obedience and transgression.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm