commission payments from overseas suppliers

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hope and trust Mufti is keeping well
i need some clarification on commission payments from overseas suppliers while working for a local importer company in SAI worked for companyA that imports items from china on salary basis…before i joined the companyA i had made a few contacts with suppliers in china from my previous job…after joining companyA some of the items that companyA where doing where also produced by the contacts i had made in china before joining companyAThese companies in china offered me a commission / percentage of the profit they made on all the orders placed with them as they wanted to build on the relationship and increase future business…it was incentive scheme from their side…..companyA did not have these suppliers on their database prior to me joining them,the suppliers from china i introduced them to had products and prices which where very lucrative and profitable to companyA to do business with we placed many orders with them while companyA still made their desired profit margins and markups….during this time i also placed alot more orders with the normal china suppliers that companyA had been using over the was not that i gave all the orders to my china suppliers onlythe prices of the items are fixed…example below
ladies blouse…price is $3.00…
the price was not increased to accomodate my commission / profit
the supplier gave me a commission from his own profit thru a rebate he gets back from the chinese goverment for the volume that he exports out of the countryeven if another importer goes to the same china supplier…the price will still be $3.00 for the ladies blousenow my friend has told me that this is wrong…and the money is haram as companyA did not know i was getting a commission from the supplier…but my point to him was that the price was not increased to accomodate my commssion so there was no need to inform them….companyA still made the desired profit margins and markups requested from me
please clarify

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:48 am
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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:48 am