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As salaamu alaikum, Jazak’Allah for your answers.

in respect to Q2246 where you answered Q2175,

1.)point 5, you answered that all commercial meat , irrespective of their ‘Halaal’ status will become ‘Makrooh’ according to Shariah?

2.)point 6, there is medical and scientific studies that prove undoubtedly birds do die from stunning, if this is accepted as a medical fact, considering that this practice of stunning is in vogue in all commercial meat production and in the absense of any equipment to verify and accurately remove the carrion, will the meat remain halaal, haraam or makrooh on account of a unknown number of carrion mixed in inevitably
3.)The Jamiat KZN has been denied unfettered access to Rainbow, as they are a religious Authority how do we interpret this in terms of Shariah ?

4.)If the issue of Death from stunning,
stunning of animals in general and
the overall condition of the meat processing facility,
additional to the cruelty to animals and
the fetestable and filthy scalder process

According to Shariah, what is the status of the entire process, is it
4.1) compliant with Shariah

4.2) will Islam condone this

4.3) under what conditions can Isllam condone this

4.4)As Muslims , Should we Enjoin this or Should we Forbid this?

4.5)As Muslims, should we continue to consume meat produced in commercial plants or not, as it would be desired By Our Allah in terms of his Shariah, considering the multiple anti Islamic practices and even considering our spiritual and physical health?

4.5)Is commercial meat healthy or unhealthy in terms of Deen & Aakhira?

Jazak’Allah for your service to Deen, it is highly appreciated?

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Asked on November 23, 2008 12:00 am
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They should officialy complain about this.

4.1) No

4.2) No

4.3) Very little room for this

4.4) Yes

4.5) Use alternative - it is better to doso.

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Answered on November 23, 2008 12:00 am