Closeness to Allah

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Dear muftisab
. i need to know when i am feeling sinful and guilty i ask Allaah to forgive me but i go on feeling guilty and all sinful everyday i get the feeling i am not close to Allaah which i did once when i was in my teens . i get depressed and sad all the time .and it is worse when i oversleep at fajr time i try my best to wake up, will Allaah forgive me for that .with all my heart i try reading the Quraan and read extra Saalah but i have children and a husband Alhamdulillah ,which takes up nealy all my time.will i be excused for my reasons ,can i still be close to allah[swt]just by reading the daily 5 Saalah.

Jazakallah hu Khair.

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Asked on January 25, 2009 12:00 am
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This is not a bad feeling, infact, good. In reality sign of Imaan. Make more effort to rise for Salaat. 1/2 the battle is won when one recognizes sin to be sin. Increase reading of Quraan and Durood Shareef, mattesr will improve.

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Answered on January 25, 2009 12:00 am