Cleanliness After Istinja

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I went to the toilet and had finsihed releiving myself and then I did istibra.

I was completely satisfied that all the liquid had come out of my penis. Thereafter I did istinja and then put my underwear back on.
Obviously my underwear was damp with water after doing istinja.

Just a few minutes later after I had exited the toilet, I felt the tip of my penis cling/slightly stick to my underwear so I pulled my underwear away from the tip of my penis. Then again a few seconds later, the exact same thing happened as I felt the tip of my penis cling/slightly stick to my underwear and again I pulled my underwear away from my penis. My underwear was still damp at this point as I had just done istinja a few minutes previously so I don’t know if the dampness was 100% water or whether there was a combination of water and some other liquid which had just been released without me knowing.

However when I took a look at my underwear a couple of hours later later when my underwear was completely dry, it looked totally clean amd there was no visible sign of any kind of mani, wadi or mazi at all.

I therefore assumed that the underwear was clean/paak and just carried on my day without changing my underwear and perfomed Salah with that underwear on. Was this correct or should I have changed my underwear?

(I’m not sure why my penis clung/slightly stuck to my underwear twice though).

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Answered on June 9, 2015 10:38 pm