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. Asalaamu Alaikum
Att: Mufti Saheb.

Islamic Values or culture

Our beloved Nabi Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam was sent to mankind to
perfect noble character and conduct. He was passionate about being
civil to all around him friends and enemies. He promulgated kindness
to animals as indicated in many narrations. With this in mind , what
view should Muslims hold regarding a system wherein exists open and
flagrant cruelty.
A living being , having both soul and intellect albeit it a lesser
degree to mankind , possessing consciousness and emotions. We are
aware that animals suckle their young , can feel pain and contentment
. They require food and shelter and most importantly they too have
their zikr to make , they have a common connection with us which is
that we both are the creation of the One Living and All Aware Creator
Mankind having being blessed as the most intelligent creation on
planet earth has the responsibility to be obedient to his Creator and
live in accordance to prescribed laws. By what principles or values
can we condone the following:
A live chicken bred in disgusting and unnatural conditions shackled
upside down , sent on a moving conveyor banging pass metal plates and
poles that cause wings and bones to break , water boarded in an
electrified waterbath ,stung and near drowned and some dead and some
living then reach an executioner who either severs the veins or nicks
it , causing fatal bleeding . All the while, the living ones still
down the line witness and hear the torturous screams of their fellow
chickens. Hereafter dead or alive they are scalded in water which
after the first few chickens would be nothing but a cesspool of blood
and faeces.
This system is today being protected by people who claim the office of
Meerathul Ambiya .
What view should muslims hold on the above system? Is this system halaal?


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Asked on December 1, 2008 12:00 am
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Take the matter up with SPCA and other animal rights activities. what do you think of trained dog which bites the buck, leading to blood, splashing blood and the Muslim slaughters the buck before it dies, you know the ruling.

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Answered on December 1, 2008 12:00 am