Car that you were going to purchase was sold to another person for a higher price

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Asalaam u alaikum Dear Mufti,

I was looking to buy a car for my son. A family friend referred me to a car dealership about 100kms away from my home. My son and I went to this dealership which is muslim-owned. We saw a car which the dealership had just received as a trade-in. We agreed on a price and the dealership had to have the car cleaned and repair the taillight of the car. The car was supposed to be delivered within a week. The car never arrived. When we phoned to ask about the car we were always given some excuse that some repairs were being done to the car. It was finally established that they sold the car for a much higher price than that which was agreed with with me. My question is:

1) What are my rights according to the Sharia?

2) Can I demand justice on the Day of Judgement?

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Asked on April 3, 2014 4:59 pm
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1) If you had concluded the deal then the dealer had no right to sell the car to another.

2) Yes.

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Answered on April 3, 2014 4:59 pm