Can a woman work in a place where she has to expose her arms?

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Assalaamu Alaykum w,w
A few questions.
1) A sister is working in hospital on dialysis unit and she has just been told that in order to maintain infection control she must not wear long sleaves. She just started the job recently after doing horrible jobs. Now the thing is that she doesnt wear jilbab and also wears trousers with khimar so its not like she wears correct hijab anyway and on top of that she has to touch some men (just on the arm) so basically she is doing some haram but she said to me she is upset beacuse she has to show some of her arms, i wasnt sure what to say because i thought she is doing haram anyway!!! but she has to work as she has no mehram to look after her so i said that i dont see her point as she is doing haram anyway, why worry about some of it and not the rest…she said that just because she is doing somethings haram it doesnt mean she has to do all of them haram (that wasnt my intention i just meant that how did she decide its better to touch men and not wear jilbab but not to show arms) but i dont know what to say to her now as i feel sorry for her.
She is not qualiified to do much else and all the places that she has applied do not allow jilbabs or she cannot get a job due to prejudice, what should she do?
2) I know a sister who is talking to a bro about marriage but he wants her to reveal or show the shape of ALL her body wearing tight clothes, he says that is imp for him. Now he does seem like a pervert here but the thing is she says he is an imam and a qari so he is a very good prospect for her and she doesnt know what to do. He lives in the usa so he cant visit her to see her in person at this stage.
Is it ok if she does this or is it haram?
3) My close cousin is due to get married masha’Allah (after a very long time) and its not an entirely islamic wedding, ive been told to wear shalwar kameex (tunic and trousers) which ofcourse i am not going to wear but then i was told to wear something ‘brighter’ and attractive than my jilbab , men occasionally stand around the entrance to or a few walk in and out of the sisters hall. Also there will be music and the event will be videoed. I will have to be filmed as its my uncles daughter and i only have one uncle who looked after us so is this the following ok or not? he will be upset if we are not in the video.
1) To be in the wedding video
2) To wear an attractive jilbab
3) to wear minimum makeup like kohl and foundation
4) to attend the wedding (with music)

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Asked on October 23, 2010 12:00 am
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1) She must find out what are the proper legal regulations. I am sure it is in favour of covering up. let all this 'handling' be done in a public area.
2) This is Haraam, stay far from this person.
3a) No
3b) No
3c) If only going to the ladies section
4) No

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Answered on October 23, 2010 12:00 am