Can a husband and wife live together even if the husband doesn?t consider the wife as his wife?

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slmz, mufti saheb and ur pplz who are with you,
my question is as follow….. ! i got maried now more then a year and m engaged maried as i always wanted.
befor i got maried to my wife i have tald her that if she had any past (b/f or any afair with someone) please tell me before we get maried, but she said she was never involv with any boy. and i have tald her from my site everything about my past, but now about a month or so i found out from outsource that my wife was in love with a boy before she maried to me and they relationsip has crossed all the limits. and that i have conformed with her. from that day i have tald her that we will be get divorce in any time soon but i dont want to divorce her now coz she got her two yunger sisters to get maried so m just thinking of that two girls and not giving devorce to my wife. but i made up my mind that i dont want her in my life anymore as we dont have relationship even we are living in same house in one bedroom.
what i want to know from you is is it okay for me to live my life with wome whom i do ot considering my wife? should we get sapreted now?
(m feeling that i was cheated)
zazakumullahu khair.

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Asked on July 9, 2010 12:00 am
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Since you have decided to divorce, then do so in the Shaari manner.
Do it in peace.
Allaah will cater for her and her sisters.

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Answered on July 9, 2010 12:00 am