Boys family saying no to girl

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Asalamulaikum Sir, last year I asked this question: Question #9812 01/08/2013
. Respected Sir, I asked this question previously but I think question was not clear. first allow me to explain situation. earlier this year, a family (the parents) came to our house, met me and later invited my parents to visit their house and meet their son. the parents left final decision to their children and the meeting was delayed for some reasons.i prayed day and night even tahajud and all wazeefa’s for the family to accept me. i had a dream i was married and happy and as soon as i woke up i knew in my heart it was in favor of this match. that day family contacted to meet on weekend. after meeting everything went wrong. i had a dream again which seemed positive. finally the family has in a way said no because they are afraid of mrriage because of other mishaps in their families and also they asked someone to do istikhara who didnt see a very clear result, which further strengthened their doubt. my question is how can my dreams and reality differ so much? if Allah Almighty brought our families together for a long time, how can all fall apart now? PLEASE tell me any dua to recite to remove all the obstacles in the way! JazakAllah

Read Hasbunallaah…… 500 daily. Matter can change.
a local peer sb also told me to do a wazifa and the family will give consent after three months, but despite all the efforts, they have firmly said no a month ago. mufti sb, how is this possible? 🙁

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Asked on February 3, 2014 10:59 pm
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Make a lot of istighfaar. Read the 'Manzil' before sleeping. Dreams will settle.

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Answered on February 3, 2014 10:59 pm