Bleeding for 6 days

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1) A sister bleeds for 6 days and then she stops bleeding. She leaves the pad on till the next morning and there is just some dark red / brown discharge (blood). After the next two days this stops and her pad is clear the whole night (8 hours).

She does not have ghusl as she has not seen the sign of tahara (white fluid). So after the 8 hours of no sign of blood / discharge but then she sees a yellow discharge. So she puts off her ghusl.

The next day the same happens, she sees nothing for the night (8 hours) and then she sees some yellow albeit lighter so she puts off ghusl. This continues for three days (which brings us to today)…..she needs to pray asap but doesnt want to hasten it.

The questions…

Prior to this she used to do ghusl 8 hours after the pad was clean ( a whole night) so she never looked for the sign of tahara or discharge….now that she has started to do this she has some questions (sorry). The sister in question is unmarried so cannot insert cotton etc to do a test unmarried women do.

1) In the previous months she used to wear black underwear (without pads) and used to see what seemed as white discharge, this is probably due to yellow colour not showing on black underwear as yellow only shows on white.

2) How long does the sign of tahara last (white discharge) as its possible she may have missed it as its clear and will not show on her (white) pad.

3) Do all women see the sign of tahara (white discharge) and can it actually be light yellow?

4) Is it possible that she is seeing the sign of tahara (white) but it is accumulating to a yellow colour as she leaves a pad on for several hours?

5) Should sisters wear pads for 15 days to ensure they dont have a yellow discharge, according to shaffi fiqh any discharge is suspect but according to the hanbali view it is not. She is more inclined towards the hanbali view due to the fact she is pretty sure it is not blood (does not smell or look like blood etc).

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Asked on November 21, 2009 12:00 am
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Wait until completely no red flows / or seen.
White can farn to yellow as explained.

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Answered on November 21, 2009 12:00 am