Being overburdened with unneccesary problems

Life is currently throwing me many problems and obstacles that I need to resolve, some personal and some from my immediate family ,I am trying to sort things out but it isnt easy ,however I have a cousin who makes sure that I am made aware of all/any issues/problems my father or brothers cause despite me being overburdened with many problems which he is well aware of , its as if he wants to increase the pressure on me some more that’s how it feels ,when instead he can withhold it from me and deal with it as a ”muslim brother” ,it will makes things easier for me but instead its the opposite,I am infuriated by this behavior as his own father has asked me for a financial favor which I have assisted him without his knowledge but only so I may gain some rewards but this is how he behaves towards me with a arrogant tone of voice … ?I cant control my father and brothers if they seek his help now and than ,what should I do as I feel I am going to lose my temper very soon and tell him a mouthful which he wont appreciate and that will end the family tie

1 thought on “Being overburdened with unneccesary problems”

  1. Allaah will reward you with your good deeds.
    Ignore others. Avoid them. Regard it as Satanic in nature. Do not be provoked. But when time is ripe in a cool and calm manner, explain the real situation.