Being accused of causing mischief

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Salaam Mufti saap
. May Allah grant you a very high rank for the wonderful work you are doing for deen.
My question.I saw a photo of my hafiz friend sitting with non muslim girls cuddling in a hotel room on the internet friendship site and was very annoyed as he comes from a good famly.As i cannot speak to him to remove it as he listens to nobody i was advised to send the photo by e mail to his eldest and elder brothers so that they could ask him to remove it so that a hafiz,s and muslims name could be safeguarded.I sent the photo by e mail STRICTLY AND ONLY to his brothers.They were so mad at me as they not only accused me of creating mischief but they are also threatening me with assault and a series of other slanders etc.Surprisingly these people are linked up to the big chicken issue thats on everyones lips yet they use the worst abusive language and threats any muslim can use.I was now told that they are the most arrogant of muslims in and around our locality and had i known that these people were like this i would not ever have advised them.

My question is,that is it mischief if i say,Allah is my witness,that after i coincidentally saw this photo of the hafiz with semi nude woman on the internet site,that my intention was honest,serious and without intent to cause harm or mischief,but to enlighten the elder brothers that their little hafiz brother should be advised to remove this filthy photo from the obscene website,solely for the purpose of safeguarding the name of the hafiz,islam and his famly name.Now Respected Mufti saap,is this mischief making or not, as they are accusing me of mischief via email.The reason why i could not tell them personally as one of these overport brothers is a very very arrogant man and beats anybody no matter if you are right or wrong.He claims to be the Mr.Man of the area so no one can tramp on his toes or else,you are beaten up,therefore i sent the e mail.
I have informed them under oath,that this was not mischief,but for the sake of our beautiful deen.

Awaiting your reply.waslaam
. Shukran

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Asked on December 1, 2008 12:00 am
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Firstly going to that 'site' by you is full and laden with sin. Nevertheless what you have done is not wrong. Better if you took it to those Ulema whom these brothers respect and honour and present the case to them. This can still be done and should be done; his is the age of 'Fitnah' and 'Fassad' where double standards has become the order of the day. However in all cases the truth of every case has to be seen avoiding the smoke and faith and subsequently stated.
May Allaah save us all

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Answered on December 1, 2008 12:00 am