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1) I have a participation account opened for my 5 year old daughter at AL-Barakah bank. Is this account ok as we are told that profit’s are earned by the bank using the money to buy assets for people and selling it to them at a profit.

If it is not permissible to keep the money there, do i take out the entire amount(incl the earnings) or only what was initially deposited?

2)Please clarify the following: Do i become a mussafir only if i travel to a destination 77KM or more out of the boundary of my town(e.g. Durban) or will i also become musaafir if travel for 77km out of the boundary

(e.g) I stay in Lenz and i go to Marlboro which is about 46Km, form Marlboro i go to Midrand which is 16km from Marlboro. From Midrand back to Marlboro 16Km again. From Marlboro to Fordsburg which is 15KM from Marlboro. In total 93Km.

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Asked on May 31, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Safer to take out all, give away in charity the so called 'earnings'

2) Calculate from home.

3) When as explained total reaches 93 Km then provided you made intention of Safr you will be classified a Musaafir.

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