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Dear Mufti Saab
I had a very disturbing dream a this morning – which i cannot get out of my mind. Could you please tell me if it has any meaning to it.
It was around 6am in the morning that i had this dream –
It starts from me meeting a friend that i have not seen/ spoken to for many years – we are outside our old school and catch the bus as we used to from school to home (however on this journey we are going into town).
The bus is almost full when we board so we are unable to sit together, my friend takes the first available seat near the front and i go a bit further and have to take a seat next to a black girl, who utters alsorts of things as she does not want me to sit in the seat next to her. Regardless of her uttering i take the seat and close my eyes and fall asleep.
I wake up 2 stops before we are due to get off. I then get up and walk towards the front and see my young niece (aged 5) sat in my friends lap. I happily greet her then i ask my friend as to how my niece is on the bus. My friend tells me that she had been sent on the bus at the last stop by police and ambulance workers – she mentions that there had been accident and there was a ambulance and police surrunding the area but didnt know what had happened. I then grab my niece cuddle and kiss her and ask how she got on the bus. My niece mentions that she was with my mother and my older sister in laws (not the nieces mother) sister and husband in the car and they were met with an accident. She does not know what happened and was put on the bus. Whilst talking to her i was thinking why the hell did they put my niece on the bus, she could have ended up anywhere. I immediately get off the bus with my niece, wanting to know where my mother was and what had actually happpened and if she was ok. I then woke up – thinking its just a bad dream from the shaitan and turned to sleep on my leftside.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm
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Care for your nieces family. There are under going domestic problems. Enquire - help then, may be the person you saw on bus can help.

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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm