Azaan and Iqaamat for a newborn;fatty nodes

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Asalamualaikum?Mufti Saab, May Allaah bless you in abundance for the work you are doing.

1) May you please tell me which is the right date to give Azaan and Iqamaat to a new born baby and to name them?

2) I have these lump (fatty) nodes in my body which looks like lumps on the body and the doctors say that they cannot do anything about it since it’s not harmful but I feel uncomfatable having it. Please advise me on what Dua I can read so these nodes can eventuallly disappear.


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Asked on August 12, 2014 12:11 pm
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1) As soon as the first permissible opportunity is given then call Adhaan and Iqamaat to the new born baby.

2) After every Fardh Salaat, read Durood Shareef 7 times, Surah Fatiha with Bismillaah 7 times, and again Durood 7 times, then blow on your body, InshaAllaah Allaah will give shifa.

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Answered on August 12, 2014 12:11 pm