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This Jummuah 12 JULY 2013 the musallees of Hamidia Masjid were encouraged (by Mln
Bham on behalf of the fong kong JUSA) to attend an Interfaith gathering
for prayers for Mr Nelson Mandela.
We accept that Mr Mandela is a good man and did a lot for the oppressed
people of this country and probably preventing
a civil war and bloodshed.
We also accept that it is permissible to pray for a living non-muslim’s
But why should one go and listen to kufr (all the other religious
prayers) just to make duaa for a person.

In fact this call was made inside of Hamidia Masjid (Newtown), so if it
was permissable why wasn’t a duaa made inside the masjid for him
. Will our Duaa’s be accepted by this interfaith gathering where surely
Allah’s laanat descends since people, besides intermingling will
associate partners with Him and call upon people and dieties other than
their creator, Allah.
I am no aalim or mufti, but surely anyone with imaan will irk just at
the thought of mixing kufr and islam at the same gathering.
May Allah save us from kufr. May ALLAH take our souls with Imaan. aameen.
I wish the muftis can comment on this JUSA interfaith gathering/prayer.

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Asked on July 30, 2013 6:46 pm
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The Moulana in his earlier days was vicious against Kufr, Shirk and Bidaat. He was grossly against deviated groups such as the Shias and spoke against the Baatil religious. His old lectures bare testimony to this.

However of late he is losing everything. Before he was making a blunder a year, then a blunder a month.Soon he will be making daily blunders.

Further more his supporters are not curtailing him but unfortunately encouraging him. Thus many Baatil (false) activities are supported by him and his hench-men.

This he supports, promotes and encourages.

1) I.T.V

2) So called Islaamic Banking
3) So called Muslim Schools

4) Haraam Chickens which are legalized by Sanha

5) Interfaith conferences

6) Un-Islaamic MPL

7) Attending openly justifying Kufr sports

8) Attending Haraam functions

9) Leading Haraam marches

10) Sides with those who speak ill of contemporary is sad what he is doing but this is just the beginning and the tip of the ice berg of what is to come.

This is the result of love of pomp, show and position.

However, this is also partially our fault. As we are how our 'leaders' will be. By clever maneuvering they are holding the Muslims of South Africa at ransom, feeding the Muslims with Haraam and presenting a completely new version of Islaam.

He is one of the leaders of the 'Modern Moulana Association' who are flying high to mislead simple Muslims. The elders around will be held accountable of the Day of Judgment for allowing him to go un-checked. We make Duaa he gets Hidayaat and Muslims realize that these are not our religious spiritual guides. May Allaah protect us all.

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Answered on July 30, 2013 6:46 pm