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Assalam o alaikum
. I am married, have two kids,girl is 8 and boy is 5. having lots of problems in marital life. feels some kind of magic is there. I got treatment from 4-5 people but not fully cured. we hear sounds in our house. my son get scared at home. he sees some bears at home. I recited surat Baqara for forty days . then he didn’t see anything again but again I started reciting surat Baqara because of my illness and sounds in the house, and for the problem in my relationship, my son is again scared in the house. he does not go to toilet alone. we feel lots of hinderences in our tasks. lots of conflicts at home. there are miss understandings all around. my husbands sees the things as opposite to what they really are. he says I am a liar ,drama ,and I hate lies and never lie. he says many wrong things about me.

I see in my dreams that there are animals sitting in my house, many times I saw a dog .once I saw it entering in my body. once I saw very dangerous kinds of dogs in my dream, I remain sick , my head and shoulders loaded. my mind is disturbed ,too many negative thoughts. heavy periods if don’t recite anything. my color remains dark. wat I say goes in the opposite.this is the main problem I feel. when I am treated ,I feel light and color gets fresh. my son is very weak and hyper. he doesn’t listen to me, highly destructive and beats everyone who comes around, spits sometimes.

I have many dreams to tell. about myself I saw a cat many times hanging on a tree and blood is dripping off. I saw that my mom washes it and I get cured.

4 yeaars back we were in sharjah where my boy remained sick with chest congestion. I recited a lot and in my dream I saw that I am going on a rikshaw and I reach my husband khala’s house. I entered and come out and saw a board on which some baba ji’s name is written. I saw many cats laying over each other looking dirty, one jumped and took my boys feeder , which was in my hand. I was scared

then 2 years back I started reciting surat Baqara, I saw many big cats standing and laying outside my house. I also saw my mother in law and her sister and daughter and son. but I couldnt continue because of my DNC after 5 days.
I got treatment from some qari in Pakistan who treats bad jinns with a good one. he told that sifli amal has been done. we felt great relief after that but I left it ka shirk wala ilaj na ho.

I need your help regarding all this. my relationship is on son getting bigger but still under influence.please help me.

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Asked on May 24, 2013 12:24 pm
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See a reliable Amil. Once again read Surah Baqarah aloud for 40 days.

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Answered on May 24, 2013 12:24 pm