Actions of UK Mureeds/Hazrats

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In UK I have observed the following conduct of “Shaykhs.” Are any of these justified in light of Shari’ah, as the mureeds will argue all the following are based on love and adab for the Shaykh?

1. Walking in just before Salah with cavalry of mureeds so that everyone can see who the big Hadhrat is. Mureeds claim the Hadhrat’s heart is pure, how can he be affected by pride?

2. Waiting by the main entrance of the Masjid for Hadhrat’s car to arrive, thereby inconveniencing others trying to enter the Masjid.

3. Sending messages on social media to make Du’a that Hadhrat is not well, yet other musallis in the same condition in the same area are not afforded even a mention.

4. Quoting everything Hadhrat says as divine and expecting others not to disagree with him, unless of course they want to end up hospitalised.

5. To meet the Hadhrat, one must pass through several clowns (mureeds) first before access can be gained.

6. Introducing the Hadhrat with lofty praises in his presence and ironically also stating at the same time that “I do not wish to take too much of your time.”

7. Squeezing other musallis from the first saff to make a space for Hadhrat, who could not be bothered to come early and sit in the first saff in the remembrance of Allah.

8. Blocking vehicle access by standing in the middle of the road as they wave Hadhrat off in the same manner that the pope is waved off.

9. Putting up the Shaykh’s silsila/spiritual chain up in the Masjid/Khanqah. I am worried mureeds might do Sajdah to that poster at some point.

10. Only attending one’s own Hadhrat’s programmes and considering it disrespectful to attending any other scholar’s programme.

11. Waiting for Hadhrat to leave the Masjid before leaving themselves.

12. Delaying the beginning of Fardh Salah to await the arrival of Hadhrat.

13. Standing up for Hadhrat every time he walks in and out.

14. Stopping the reading of Hadith, the words of Allah Ta’ala and his Rasul Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam when Hadhrat walks in as if to say that his arrival is more important than the words of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

15. Threatening those who object or question what Hadhrat is doing.

16. Trying to justify flagrant haraam of the Hadhrat by providing an interpretation or explanation that does not fit e.g. giving out of Christmas cards and Lailatun Noor.

17. Relaying Hadhrat’s dreams on social media as if they were absolute Shar’i proof, thereby deceiving the public.

18. Over egging the arrival of Hadhrat. Making two lines either side as if Queen Elizabeth is coming and shouting like lunatics “rasta banawo.”

Is any of this justified in Shari’ah?

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Asked on August 4, 2015 5:10 pm
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1) This is un-Islaamic. Contrary to Shariat.
2) As (1) plus sinful.
3) Permissible.
4) This is 'ghulu'. Gateway to deviation.
5) This is un-Islaamic.
6) This is showbiz marketing.
7) As (1 and 2)
8) As (1 and 2)
9) As (1 and 2)
10) This is a formula for dis-unity.
11) As (1 and 2)
12) As (1 and 2)
13) This is not proven.
14) This is un-Islaamic. Calling for the wrath of Allaah.
15) This is 'Ghulu'. The Baatil behave like this.
16) This is open clear sign of deviates.
17) This will lead to Bidaat then to Shirk.
18) This is 'Ghulu' leading to Bidaat.
These days Tasawwuf has become 'peer'/'Hadhrat' projection. Soon we will overrun the Bidaatees. Commercialism, showbiz, self-conceitedness, pride, arrogance is becoming the order of the day.
We are moving away from the pure divine Shariat. The words of the Hadhrat are quoted above the Quraan and Sunnat. Allaah save us.

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Answered on August 11, 2015 3:57 pm