Dream of wife committing adultery

Asalamu ‘alaykum was rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu dear respected Mufti. I pray you remain in a state of ‘afiya and may Allah (‘aza wajal) raise your maqam. I had a dream the other day wherein my wife committed zina. I had a dream as well recently where my wife is going off with another man. I …

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Getting married without having a job

I am finishing school this year. I need to get married so that I do not end up committing zina. I obviously do not have a job. I want to study aalim next year. 1) Should I get married without a job?

Interpretation of Quraan ayat

Respected mufti . In Surah Nisa the following verse comes . A person asked me why is this sexual relationship with slaves? without nikah isn’t it zina? why is the ayat still there and hukam mansookh? If we were to be in this slaves era again would it be ja’iz for us too?

Zina with mother-in-law

In a moment of weakness, a man committed zina with his wife’s mother. He has repented and continues to repent. He no longer has contact with the mother-in law. 1) Does this break his marriage to his wife? 2) If so, is he allowed to marry her again in the future? 3) If the marriage …

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Speaking Good About Sin

Aslaamualikum I pray you are I’m good health and spirits. How are you? Please forgive for asking a filthy question. 1)┬áIf a Muslim is about to do a sin such as zinaa or even adultery. And the second Muslim says to him that if he is going to do such a sin then he should …

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1) What constitutes zina? 2) does kissing constitue zina?


1) What is the definition of zina?


1) Is it permisable to not consume dates in Ramadan out of fear of the urges that it could exagerate? 2) Is the sin for masturbation the same as that of zina?