Assalaam Alaikum Mufti Sahab, Is verbal utterance necessary for an oath to be valid or will an oath be formed if a firm intention is made in the heart without saying it loudly with the mouth and tongue? JazakAllah

Ruling for talaaq to be valid

Asalaamualaykum If a husband says “he is calling it quits” and that “he isnt feeling the marriage” and thereafter just walks out and only returns after hours and we continued as normal on his return Is this considered as a talaaq? If at that moment in time he wanted out of the marriage. (There was …

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Validity of fast

Assalamualaikum. Mufti. I normally have a white discharge which i remove from vagina ehen washing with my finger. Whilst making a qadhaa fast i absent mindedly used my finger to remove discharge from the vagina. Is my fast counted or do i have to make another qadhaa.

Validity of divorce issued under the influence of Sihr/Jaadu

My wife and I were severely affected with Sihr/Jaadu. We were subsequently treated by a very reliable, reputable and expert Aamil. During that time, under heavy influence of Sihr, I had issued divorces to my wife. Are these divorces valid and effective?

When are dreams valid

Aslm. When are dreams valid? Some people say before Fajr then it’s your subconscious telling you what might happen in the future or it is worries etc. If the dream is after Fajr then it is just shaitaan messing with you and you should ignore the dream completely. Some say if it’s a bad dream …

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Kinaya words

Assalam-0-aliakum 1)Can completely unrelated words be considered as kinaya words? 2)How can one know what is a valid kinaya word and what is not? 3)If someone says to his wife, “you nag all the time” will these words be considered kinaya words? 4)How can a person get rid of waswasa’s related to this. The husband …

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Validity of talaaq

Salaams My husband decided (in a fit of anger /blind rage) to grant me 3 talaks (he wrote to me on wats app) saying ” I grant you 3 talaks. I am a Sunni (Hanafi) is this valid? Should I be in Iddah PS: we have been separated for a few months , however married …

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Validity of salaatul tasbeeh

salaams mufti saab, hope u r in d best of health,just need to know if my salaatul tasbeeh is valid.i read my tuhajuud salaah and then started my salaatul tasbeeh but only ended at 5.30 am when it was time for fajr azaan.

Did i Give 1 Talaaq?

Salaam Mufti, a couple of months back my wife and I were in a fight which escalated very quickly and i tried keeping quiet and she kept pushing me around and provoking me saying things and eventually she wouldnt listen to me and screaming and swearing at me until a point where she started physically …

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