Itikaf for women

Assalamu Alaykum I want to sit for sunnah itikaf this ramadhaan. In my room is a walking closet and my room is a en suite. Am i allowed to go to my walking closet without my itikaf breaking? Some people say that that your entire room is the place of itikaf and some people say …

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Is the steam from the shower impure

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Mufti Saab I suffer from waswasa and would like to seek clarification regarding a matter that worries me 1. When having a shower while there is an impurity on the body, hot steaming water is used. Is the steam that rises impure? The walls sometimes get so steamed up that …

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Wudhu made in the shower

Asak mufti Is it ok to do wudhu while showering – I heard wudhu is not valid unless u r in full clothes

Wudhu while having a shower

Salaams is wudhu accepeted when having a shower. can you give me a step to step guide for wudhu and namaaz. I get confused on quadaa namaaz as well. I am a female Jazakahallah

Semen touching other surfaces

Respected Mufti saheb , I have some questions. Please answer as soon as possible. 1) i put wet semen stain clothes on shower and it also touched the wall attached to the my question is if i wash shower and attached wall with pipe thn there will chances of splahing water back on as …

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Dear brother i put tissue on private part and in the morning i woke up and found it was damp i check my underwear it was dry as well as my trouser. i change my underwear but not the trouser. After showering i wore the same trouser. Have i done the right thing. because i …

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