Haj Qurbani

Slmz. I was told that When performing Haj and the Dumm Qurbani is done in Makkah, you still have to slaughter a animal in your home country? Is this true? Jazakullah

Haj Qurbani

Asalaam ualiakum When Qurbani Dumm is performed during Haj, is it also required to do qurbani in your home country?

Qurbaani of a pregnant animal

Is it permissible to make Qur’baani of a pregnant animal in such a case where one is aware that the animal is pregnant?

Is there qadha for missed Qurbaani

If a person did not perform Qurbaani last year, even though it was wajib on them, can they or must they perform a QADA qurbaani this year, in addition to this years wajib qurbaani?

Qurbaani of sheep with no tails

Please issue a ruling on Qur’baani of sheep with cut-off tails in KZN. Some ‘Ulama here in KZN say that it is permissible because of need. Some ‘Ulama and Muslim Organizations who do Qur’baani for distribution also use such sheep. My concern is the definition of need. For example, here in Verulam, tail-less sheep are …

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Requirements to be eligible for Qurbaani

Asalaam I just finished my menstruation and need to remove pubic hair so can I do this as I intent to do qurbaani I am not working but have savings am I eligible for qurbani and how much Can I give my share towards a bakra? Thank

Shares in a Qurbaani Animal

Qur’baani is an obligation upon me. Please advise: (1) If I pay for only one share ($65) in a cow, will this suffice for my Qur’baani obligation? (2) If I pay for one entire cow ($450), specify 1 share with my name, and the remaining 6 shares each with the name of a different deceased …

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Dream of Family in Makkah

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Warahmatulaahi Wabarakatu Mufti Prior to my dream I was in Makkah performing umrah and whilst making tawaf I asked Allah SWT to grant me a dream of my Murhoom family (My Mother, Father,2 Brothers and Granny) The Dream I dreamed whilst still in Makkah that my family and I (Husband and 3 Kids) were …

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