Buying a vehicle on a lease basis

Assalamualikum, need your advice on finance company offering vehicles on lease basis for fixed duration on fixed price. Example: Cash Price of Toyota Car: 74,800K now if i want to buy on lease basis financial company name Abdul Lateef jameel(KSA) offers me following calculations. Down Payment: 17K Monthly Payment: 1,500 Lease Period: 36M Residual Payment: …

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Zakaat on stock in trade

Asslamu alaikum Mufti Saab Is Zakaat payable on stock in trade? if yes is it on cost price of item or selling price of item? jazakallah

Dropping price on items

Would it be correct if a person selling 2 different products at 2 different prices tell his customers that A is R20 and B is R10 but only if you buy both will i drop my price on one of the articles.

Rescinding a contract

What if one of the parties agrees to rescind the contract on condition that the price returned is more than or less than the original price?