Paying tax with interest money

Asalamualaikum, I am a Resident of India. 1. I Receive Bank Interest and Extra Lumpsum Return (More Than The Amount I paid as Premium ) from Insurance Company at the end of the policy period Is the Bank Interest and Insurance Return Halal or Haram Income for Me ? 2.Can I Pay Income Tax and …

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Paying amount for water burst with interest money

salaams i had a water burst at my home and the council billed me R10000.00 USUALY MY ACCOUNT DOES NOT GO MORE THAN R400.00 CAN I PAY WITH INTEERST MONEY .JAZAKALLAH FOR YOUR PROMT ANSWER YOURS IN ISLAM

Paying tithes

I am a Christian is there anywhere in the Koran where it is written we should pay tithes to church

Paying a third party with interest money for taxes

AsalamuAlaykum Someone paid some taxes of mine.I now need to pay this person. Can I give this person interest money considering the that i would have ordinarily paid this with intereset directly. JazakAllah

Profit/Interest on GPF

Assalamu Alaikum, My question is regarding General Provident Fund (GPF) of the Government of our country. As per government rules, a government servant has to pay compulsorily a certain portion (say 10%) of Basic salary to the GPF monthly.That is the Government deducts the money from monthly salary of the employee. The Government keeps account …

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