Tabligh and jihaad

1) A senior aalim of nizammudin says tabligh is the complete way of life, the 6 points of tabligh are complete Deen, tazkiyyah and taleem is found in tabligh itself. Is this correct? 2) The aalim also applies ayaats of jihaad and says hadiths and ayats of jihaad apply to tabligh also. eg going in …

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Life Insurance And Estate Duty

Respected Muftie Saheb, Assalamu alaikum. Is it permissible to buy a life insurance policy not to let my heirs benefit from it; but merely to cover inheritance tax/estate duty that is so exorbitant that, due to not having so much cash funds in the estate, essential assets such as the house in which the heirs …

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Adopting the sunnah in ones life

Assalam o alaikum, Respected Mufti Sahab, 1. I want to know is parting of hair on the head only from the middle sunnat. Or parting the hair from the sides will also be sunnat. What is correct. 2. What is the sunnat method of bathing, applying oil on hair, beard etc. What is the sunnat …

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Life on other planets

Assalam o alaikum, Sir I want to ask whether life even exists in other planets except earth. Are there any other makhlooq (living being) not mountain, air, fire etc in other planets like mars, jupiter, neptune. etc. Guide me in the lighit of Quran and Hadith. Jazzak Allah!

Nuh AS

assalam mualaykunm. Please can you tell me about the life of prophet NUH (A.S) .I am doing an islamic studies assignment and it needs to consists of the brief history of Prophet NUH (A.S). jazakkallah.

Book on prophet Muhammed SAW

Assalamualikum Mufti Sahab, thanks for sending me the word file, but I requested you before also for the book of Prophet Mohammed. do you have any book which tells about the prophets family background and about his life….. please suggest……..I have to know complete about prophet Mohammed.